It was August 20, 1916 when my grandfather Salvatore Grasso opened the pizzeria.
It was during the Great War, Italian troops were entering Gorizia … “What better name?” Thought Don Salvatore.
So he called Gorizia …. The “Pizzeria Gorizia”!

As the first and for some time, the only open public space in the heart of the old quarter, it was normal that all were linked more or less carefree moments that, years later, still leave a sweet, nostalgic memory.

There vomerese that at least once has not crossed that threshold.

It is safe to say that the history of the old Vomero passes for pizza Gorizia.
It was around 1925 when, during a conference to organize “the grape festival,” an occasion of aggregation, where traders and workers in all sectors were competing to set up shop windows, cars, structures to honor and celebrate the advent of harvest, which was decided to allocate the pizzeria Gorizia seat of the celebrations and award ceremonies.

This important event projected the image of the local far beyond that which could be a simple pizza.
The frequent visits of the then elite became increasingly well Naples assiduous and cultural events and exhibitions began to appear within the various initiatives which led to the Vomero to grow until it becomes the modern shopping center.

It was in 1932 … the need dictated by the success brought my grandfather to achieve what is the current “pizza Gorizia” taking rented the room, the opening was personally supervised by the Duke Pironti, the landlord that he invited the best Nobility of that era, enjoying extremely pizza and other proposals, continued for years to attend the pizzeria.

The 40′s were definitely the most difficult, the war brought hunger and misery, the flour and raw materials were subject to quota … the pizza, as the bread was purchased with a credit card ….

The pizzeria Gorizia and sought other outlets, offering as its clients, managed to get the management of the canteen of the Officers of the nearby Castel Sant’Angelo Elmo.

The senior officers’ uniforms as those of the Hierarchs characterized this period in the history of pizza.
Then after the war, the re-growth, the desire to return to live.

The Naples Football, when playing the necklace, was home to Gorizia as well as the nearby theater actors Diana, Totò, De Filippo, the Hon. Almirante, Roberto Murolo, the “master” Sergio Bruni, and a myriad of characters and more or less famous VIP

This is the age of my father and the “incredible” 70 plates of pasta per day (1050 pizzas!).
My Grandfather died March 23, 1972 … two days before, despite well-5 pizza to its dependencies, was still on the bench to make pizzas!

Since then every day she was taken to a stone that big, splendid castle he had built … …. Today the ruins, supported only by a great enthusiasm and the will to recover otherwise lost values, we have given a commitment to try to bring The Gorizia where he was and deserves to be!
Salvatore Grasso